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January 15, 2013 by Dr Guy
Actually it is worse than that.  But first to the story (or non-story for the MSM).  All hail savior Obama!  Restorer of the Middle Class tax cut!

The problem is he restored nothing.  He did not raise that tax.  But he did raise another - that of course the media is ignoring.  The Payroll tax.

The payroll tax cut was 2%, until Obama raised the tax.  But it really is a lot more.

When they cut income taxes X%, you do not see an increase in your paycheck ...
August 2, 2012 by Dr Guy
It boggles the mind the hatred of the left.  Everyone is free to disagree with others on political as well as other issues, but why berate a poor worker who has nothing to do with corporate policy?  And why not get ALL the facts before going off half cocked?

Well, Adam Smith will have plenty of time to think about his hatred.  And to learn how to not only hate less, but research more.  He was fired for being hateful.  And not even on the job.  He berated a poor w...
October 31, 2011 by Dr Guy
On October 23, 2011, an autistic child of 8 wandered away from his parents.  The site was a battlefield park in a place called Doswell Virginia.  Doswell is a small rural community whose only claim to fame is the theme Park - Kings Dominion.  Located 30 miles outside of Richmond, it is a quiet place where residents still farm, or commute to bigger locales to work.  Other than the theme park, there is not much there.

Yet thousands of people took time off from their jobs to ...
March 29, 2011 by Dr Guy
PETA along with others would love for all people to forgo a diet of animals.  They think, preach, and advocate that man can live by bread alone.  Some even forgo animal by-products (that do not harm the animal, but instead are derived from them such as milk and cheese and chicken eggs). 

The problem is that man is not an herbivore.  Evolution has made some animals carnivores, some animals herbivores and some animals omnivores.  Man is the latter.  In order to sus...
October 17, 2008 by Dr Guy
Hawaii Ending Universal Child Health Care After 7 Mos.,2933,439607,00.html

Dateline: Honolulu

Hawaii is dropping the only state universal child health care program in the country just seven months after it launched.Gov. Linda Lingle's administration cited budget shortfalls and other available health care options for eliminating funding for the program. A state official said families were dropping private coverage so their children would be eligible for the su...
August 19, 2008 by Dr Guy
Say what you will, alive or dead, Bin Laden has won.  In what can only be termed a capitulation to terrorism, Random House has pulled a book because it was not according to the Koran.

The real sad part is all the people that have lost their lives to defend the spineless mealy mouthed losers who made the decision.  It may be the last free decision they are capable of making.
July 15, 2008 by Dr Guy
Pedophelia is a truly horrendous crime.  It robs the innocence from the most trusting and innocent members of society.  There is no level in Dante's Inferno for Pedophiles as the crime itself is too horrofic for even his 7 circles.  Yet it exists.  No one denies that it exists and no one denies that we must prosecute the criminals to the fullest, and hopefully put them away so that they can never practice their perversion again.

But we have gone too far.  To the point...
July 1, 2008 by Dr Guy
And sometimes that is not bad. 

China cannot be mistaken for an open society, or even a tolerant one when it comes to private ownership of guns.  So what's a killer to do?  Make do with a knife.  5 "oficials" were killed by one knife wielding (and that is just the party line) nut case.  One gun would have stopped him after 1, 2 at the most.

But Guns kill, so Guns are bad.  People dont kill, just Guns.  So take guns out of the equation, and no more killing...
June 25, 2008 by Dr Guy
There is some skepticism about there being a liberal bent in the Main Stream Media. Especially from those who think John Kerry is not liberal enough. But the story out of Massachusetts will make all but the most extreme leftist realize - there is fire under that smoke.

If you do not know the name of James Fagan, you will soon. He is a lawyer and a lawmaker in Boston. Probably a pretty good one. And he does not like Jessica's Law. Unlike Megan's law, this one deals with pedophiles and mandator...
April 25, 2008 by Dr Guy
You don't actually have to talk when you are on a mission.  Fists seem to do fine.  And it does not matter if the object of your hatred is not within reach.  Just reach out and clobber someone within reach!

And of course the old adage that boys never hit girls is so sexist!  So if you are German Tallis, who hates Jenna and Laura Bush, just bash Maureen Lovetro!  And don't bother worrying about if she is a cripple in a wheel chair!  That is for the pansies out t...
April 23, 2008 by Dr Guy
Thus states Dr. Chapman.  It seems that the "unanimous" "consensus" of scientist that just KNEW man was causing global warming forgot to ask him.

There is really nothing new in his recent discovery, just a re-affirmation of the fact that despite what puny things man can do, the climate of the earth is dictated by events beyond our control.

And of course the sun is the big one in the equation.  Not like a 300 pound bull in a china shop -the whole china shop...
April 4, 2008 by Dr Guy
Decrease?  OMG!  Grab the logs for the fire!  Grab extra blankets!  Armegeddon is upon us!

Well, we can almost here Al Gorette yelling this as the new religion of Global Cooling takes up where the old tired religion of Global Warming dies a noisy, if deserved death.  But of course this is not really anything to worry about as the earth has been doing this for billions (that is of years.  Yet we are going to have to worry about freezing to death now?  Bett...
March 25, 2008 by Dr Guy
Gwen died December 20, 2007.  Having outlived her only child by some 40 odd years.

No parent should ever have to outlive their child.  Especially one whose life was taken by a drunk and coward.
March 19, 2008 by Dr Guy
Arthur C.Clarke died yesterday.  I have been so busy I misssed his passing, but I will long mourn it.  He was one of the great classic Science Fiction Writers, few reached his stature.

For the past many years, he has lived in Sri Lanka, but was actually a citizen of Her majesty.  He will best be remembered as the Author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but that was far from his greatest work.  Along with Isaac Asimov, Theodore Sturgeon, and to a lesser extent Ray Bradbuy, he was ...
March 18, 2008 by Dr Guy
As the days grew shorter, and the darkness hours lengthened, the people drew close in fear.  Fear of the passing of the life giving light.  Fear that the light would forever disappear and never again smile down upon them, to bless their lives, their crops, their good hunting.

So in fear, they built bonfires to chase away the darkness, and sacrificed all manner of animals to the God of light.  To appease her, and make her warm their world again.  And bring back the life g...