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June 14, 2014 by Dr Guy
I recently was blessed with a user who was fooled by an email about a package and tracking.  The email of course had nothing to do with a shipping company, but contained Cryptowall, a variant of the Cryptodefender trojan.  And it was methodical.  After basically locking them out of all their databases for a day while it did its business, it popped up the obligatory message about all the files being encrypted with an RSA 2048 key, and if you did not give them $500 in bitcoins (that...
February 25, 2013 by Dr Guy
I am sorry, there is no nice way to put it.  I have had the thing for 2 months now, and find about the only thing it is good for is playing movies.  It is not even good to surf the web as you cannot load Java!  I know MS hates that (preferring ActiveX), but unfortunately many sites use it.

I also cannot use Logmein, VPN, VMWare View, or even OWA!  There is no hard client for VPN, and since RT does not do Java, you cannot use the Anyconnect.  VMWare View has a client i...
January 15, 2013 by Dr Guy
Actually it is worse than that.  But first to the story (or non-story for the MSM).  All hail savior Obama!  Restorer of the Middle Class tax cut!

The problem is he restored nothing.  He did not raise that tax.  But he did raise another - that of course the media is ignoring.  The Payroll tax.

The payroll tax cut was 2%, until Obama raised the tax.  But it really is a lot more.

When they cut income taxes X%, you do not see an increase in your paycheck ...
August 2, 2012 by Dr Guy
It boggles the mind the hatred of the left.  Everyone is free to disagree with others on political as well as other issues, but why berate a poor worker who has nothing to do with corporate policy?  And why not get ALL the facts before going off half cocked?

Well, Adam Smith will have plenty of time to think about his hatred.  And to learn how to not only hate less, but research more.  He was fired for being hateful.  And not even on the job.  He berated a poor w...
July 28, 2012 by Dr Guy
I had to post this as it made me laugh.

I was surfing some restaurant reviews for my mother's birthday (she lives 800 miles from me, so a night out is what she wants these days), and happened upon a nice restaurant (great reviews).  I clicked on the site (in IE, I usually am running 3 or 4 browsers at once) and got a pop up message -

"It looks like you are using Internet Explorer.  To view our site correctly, please update to a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox"
July 8, 2012 by Dr Guy
Another great died today.  At least in my book.  This time it was Ernest Borgnine.  An actor who entertained a young boy and young man on many occasions.  I really loved his cameo in RED, and he looked great for being 95.  But alas, our bodies wear out usually long before our minds do.

Thinking back over the people that I have written about, the ones that I miss as father time chases all of us down to the ground, I noticed that most of the ones I miss the most are not...
March 21, 2012 by Dr Guy
Occupy is starting up its antics again, and I felt it would be a good time to take a closer look at them.  They claim to represent the "99%", but a vast majority (not even just right wing Hillary) of the "99%" want nothing to do with them.  They also claim to be the new Hippies.  But I have not found too many old hippies that want anything to do with them either.


Taking a trip down memory lane, the hippies of the 60s and 70s were a fearful bunch.  Many feared for t...
January 14, 2012 by Dr Guy
"In days of old, when knights were bold, and toilets were not invented..."

Oops!  Wrong story.  However the story is about an old practice (I will not say ancient as I am rapidly approaching that category) of "blood letting" was regularly performed to get rid of the "bad blood" that was causing disease and other ailments.  Modern medicine has since terminated that practice and most doctors poo-poo that practice as ancient superstition.

Until now.  You see our ancestors ...
November 2, 2011 by Dr Guy
Here is a list.  They all have one thing in common:

Communist Party USA
American Nazi Party
Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
Barack Obama
The government of North Korea
Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
Revolutionary Communist Party
David Duke
Joe Biden
Hugo Chavez
Revolutionary Guards of Iran
Black Panthers (original)
Socialist Party USA
Industrial Workers of the World
Nancy Pelosi
Communist Party of China
International Bolshevik T...
October 31, 2011 by Dr Guy
On October 23, 2011, an autistic child of 8 wandered away from his parents.  The site was a battlefield park in a place called Doswell Virginia.  Doswell is a small rural community whose only claim to fame is the theme Park - Kings Dominion.  Located 30 miles outside of Richmond, it is a quiet place where residents still farm, or commute to bigger locales to work.  Other than the theme park, there is not much there.

Yet thousands of people took time off from their jobs to ...
October 18, 2011 by Dr Guy
Silence is golden!  However several stutterers are upset that Obama was making fun of them.
October 8, 2011 by Dr Guy
As you age, the people of your youth start to pass away. It is the inevitable march of time, and the undeniable truth that no one lives forever.  After a while, you come to expect hearing of someone passing that brought you joy or made you laugh.

This week was very hard for me.  On Thursday, Steve Jobs, who helped create the Microcomputer industry passed away.  His vision and tenacity helped give me a career.  But worst of all, he was my age.

Then today, Al Davis passed...
October 6, 2011 by Dr Guy
Many have tried to paint the Tea Party as racist, just for the simple fact that it is not proper to criticize a black president.  No such rights were given to any previous president, democrat or republican, but those who criticize Obama are called racist.  The reason is obvious.  They cannot defend his policies, so they must demean the detractors.

But in their zeal to spew their hatred, the left is coming unglued.  Their latest endeavor is "Occupy Wallstreet" (or whatever ...
September 23, 2011 by Dr Guy
Bristol Palin was having fun, doing some work on her reality TV show riding a mechanical bull.  When a heckler started using fowl language about her mother, Palin confronted him.  You can see from the video that she was respectful during the entire time, yet his main complaint with her mother appeared to be that she was alive.

Such is the way of the left.  They are the ones that wish death and pain upon their opponents and when it comes to discussing the issues, have only vitri...
August 17, 2011 by Dr Guy
In the latest category of MSNBC showing true colors of their racist misogynist hosts, Sergeant Ed Schultz, had to cut the sound of a clip of Rick Perry talking about the debt, to then state he was talking about Obama.  They did not cut the video part of the clip, they just muted the audio part that showed Perry was talking about the debt, and then let Racist Ed Schultz launch into a racist diatribe about Perry.  I guess with the biggest misogynist now invisible on CurrentTV (Olbermann)...