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Published on October 6, 2011 By Dr Guy In Politics

Many have tried to paint the Tea Party as racist, just for the simple fact that it is not proper to criticize a black president.  No such rights were given to any previous president, democrat or republican, but those who criticize Obama are called racist.  The reason is obvious.  They cannot defend his policies, so they must demean the detractors.

But in their zeal to spew their hatred, the left is coming unglued.  Their latest endeavor is "Occupy Wallstreet" (or whatever town they are in).  Their list of demands is to say the least childish, but their fervor remains intact.  So much so that Rev Sharpton is pushing them and wishing them luck.  George Soros and his outlets are supporting them.  And democratic congressman are praising them.  But what are they praising/supporting/pushing?

It seems that perhaps the gild is off the lily, as the group, besides being a bagel short of a breakfast, is also very racist. 

Then you have the self loathing type

So what does this all mean?  After all, kooks are everywhere.  But those pesky democrats think this is what passes for the "grass roots" movement.  (I guess they mean grass as in marijuana.).  And of course you have the lamest of the congressional democrats (the one that wanted to "deem" obamacare into law) calling for the revocation of voting rights for politically incorrect voting blacks..

It is so reassuring to see our defenders of freedom denying it to people who do not parrot their thoughts.  Almost makes you miss the honesty of the KKK who did not couch their racism in flowery phrases and false movements.  It reminds me of the honest thief and the dishonest one.  The honest one tells you he is going to rob you. The dishonest one tells you he is going to help you.  The end result is the same.


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on Oct 06, 2011

Joe user plays the same video even though I put in different links.  Here is the second video (hopefully).

on Oct 06, 2011

Or just the link.

on Oct 07, 2011

America is in this predicament because the American left (Clinton/Summers) repealed the Glass-Stiegel act and backed GATT.

Time you woke-up to the enemy within.

on Oct 09, 2011

Doc, the left has always (AFAICR) played the race card, be it true ... what outrage at established history? I have been to many Tea Party gatherings and I know (locally anyway) that racism is of no consequence. If some liberal (or conservative) prattles; their only purpose being to get the 'dogs' howling ... helps create the media exposure they wanted. As a general rule, I tend to ignore this type of nonsense. I was surprised at the disposition of Rangel … he must have really screwed up there. Check out his website if you want a few chuckles… Personally, I am just not as outraged when an idiot behaves in concert??? Idiocy abounds and we have to try and stay clear of it.

on Oct 09, 2011

I have been thoroughly enjoying these protests and the press interviews with the protesters. I love comedy and humor and these folks have been providing a wealth of both. (Note for the stupid: yes there is a difference between humor and comedy, look it up).

I firmly believe that this is all a huge scam staged by the democrats, but it has been a real hoot to watch and listen to the interviews with the morons who are participating. I actually got to meet one of the idiots one his way to NYC to protest. He was just waiting for his guvment check so he could get there. No clue what he was really protesting or what he wanted to accomplish, he just wanted to get there and protest.

I now fully understand the term "useful idiot" in a way I never did before.

My personal favorite interview was some young guy who was asked about his protest. He said he wanted to bring down the capitalist system and replace it with something that was more fair. When asked what sort of system he wanted to replace it with that would be more fair he just stood there looking like a deer in the headlights. He had no answer and no clue what the hell he was actually talking about.

Pretty typical for this bunch of idiots.


on Oct 10, 2011

It's just a bunch of wannabes who are trying to capture the feel of the sixties...the "GLORY" of it all.  Phooey.  Just a bunch of losers who have no idea about what they're doing. 

Hey, Boobs!  Good to see ya again...heehee.

on Oct 10, 2011

BFD, Democrat/Liberal is synonymous with racism or just about any other ism when it serves their purpose ... except of course, freedomism. The 60's mentality is a good description I'm sure. Yea, I bring out the 'best' in people, hahaha.

on Oct 10, 2011

Unfortunately there is plenty of racism and bigotry coming from both sides of the spectrum. Neither has a lock on this nor hypocrisy.

"America is in this predicament because the American left (Clinton/Summers) repealed the Glass-Stiegel act and backed GATT"

It was repealed at a time when the republicans controlled congress...both parties are to blame for that one.  But repealing  the Glass-Steagall Act was only a small part of what helped foster the current economic downturn.


"I firmly believe that this is all a huge scam staged by the democrats"

It's actually more of a populous movement and started as the idea of a Canadian NPO called Adbusters.  Looks like the Dems are going to hijack it; sort of like the Reps hijacked the Tea Party Movement.

on Oct 11, 2011

sort of like the Reps hijacked the Tea Party Movement.

I think that is more like they caught a tiger by the tail!

on Oct 12, 2011

 This is the dumbest protest I've ever seen. People on Wall street don't make laws or create policies and if they do need to hire anyone down there I doubt they will pick anyone from that crowd.

on Oct 12, 2011

"People on Wall street don't make laws or create policies"'

But they did create the vehicle (derivatives) which caused the real estate estate bubble to swell as big as it did and ultimately implode.

And they do help craft laws and policy......they employ quite a few people on K Street.

on Oct 12, 2011

But they did create the vehicle (derivatives) which caused the real estate estate bubble to swell as big as it did and ultimately implode.

Congress forced it with the CRA.  Bad laws do create bad situations.  But the Derivatives is part of only 1 of 13 demands they are making.  And not even a top one.

on Oct 12, 2011

"Congress forced it with the CRA"

EVERY administration since it was first passed supported it. It's just another part of the whole ball of wax. You may think it is a bad law and think it was a major cause, however the vast majority of bad loans have been NON CRA subprime loans and non CRA business loans. Loan standards were eased way too much that is obvious, but that was not something that was FORCED by CRA.


"But the Derivatives is part of only 1 of 13 demands they are making."

!3 Demands? There is no official list of demands. AFAIK the 13 demands are simply a forum post from a user of the organizations website. It's no different from you posting some random list on a forum. Unfortunately as usual certain media outlets are using this post to try to make people think it actually has something to do with what the movement is about. Looks to me like the protesters have a wide variety of concerns , complaints,etc. whatever you want to call them. The actually creator of the idea states that they have no specific list. People are pissed off at the government. That's what this looks like to me. And that is why I personally have no problem with them expressing their freedom of speech....just like I have no problem with the TEA Party Movement expressing theirs. Or any other group whether I agree with their point of view or not. 

on Oct 13, 2011
Oh yeah, Adbusters, the radically anti-semetic bunch of very sensible people. That's a sane bunch to take your marching orders from.
on Oct 13, 2011

"Adbusters, the radically anti-semetic bunch of very sensible people"

Don't think so.  Left wing anti consumerism environmental group....Anti semetic I don't think so. Have no idea where you get that kind of misinformation from unless you just make it up.