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Published on October 6, 2011 By Dr Guy In Politics

Many have tried to paint the Tea Party as racist, just for the simple fact that it is not proper to criticize a black president.  No such rights were given to any previous president, democrat or republican, but those who criticize Obama are called racist.  The reason is obvious.  They cannot defend his policies, so they must demean the detractors.

But in their zeal to spew their hatred, the left is coming unglued.  Their latest endeavor is "Occupy Wallstreet" (or whatever town they are in).  Their list of demands is to say the least childish, but their fervor remains intact.  So much so that Rev Sharpton is pushing them and wishing them luck.  George Soros and his outlets are supporting them.  And democratic congressman are praising them.  But what are they praising/supporting/pushing?

It seems that perhaps the gild is off the lily, as the group, besides being a bagel short of a breakfast, is also very racist. 

Then you have the self loathing type

So what does this all mean?  After all, kooks are everywhere.  But those pesky democrats think this is what passes for the "grass roots" movement.  (I guess they mean grass as in marijuana.).  And of course you have the lamest of the congressional democrats (the one that wanted to "deem" obamacare into law) calling for the revocation of voting rights for politically incorrect voting blacks..

It is so reassuring to see our defenders of freedom denying it to people who do not parrot their thoughts.  Almost makes you miss the honesty of the KKK who did not couch their racism in flowery phrases and false movements.  It reminds me of the honest thief and the dishonest one.  The honest one tells you he is going to rob you. The dishonest one tells you he is going to help you.  The end result is the same.


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on Oct 25, 2011

"But I am glad you now understand this is not about banning protestors or inciting fear.  It is about pointing out the hypocrisy of the left."

I've never thought it was about the above. The fact is the "true racists and bigots" as you call them are all over the political spectrum not just the left. I've seen quite a bit of racism over the years.... from people who I know put themselves on one side or the other of the political spectrum, from some that are middle of the road, and from some who I don't know well enough to know their political ideology.


"Theirs is not a peaceful protest"

For the most part it is. Seems to me that up to this point a vast majority of the protesters have been peacefully protesting. Like I said earlier however there are always a few who for various reasons don't follow the rules.  But as you often do you try to take the actions of a few individuals and try to apply them to a much larger group of people.


"It is about pointing out the hypocrisy of the left."

It is about much more than that.

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