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Published on January 17, 2006 By Dr Guy In Misc

What is "reverse Discrimination"?  With Kudos for Dharma ( for allowing me to opine on the subject, how can you reverse it?  From the pertinent entry on, the meaning of discrimination is:

Treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit; partiality or prejudice:

While her intent was to castigate a racist and bigot, it got me thinking.  What really is reverse discrimination?  I know full well that I have used the term in the past, but the truth is reverse discrimination can be one of two things.  Either discrimination based on no class or category or prejudice, which we would hope that we all can practice.  But that is not what we really mean with reverse discrimination.

The other possible definition is that they are discriminating against their own class, category, or Prejudice (the last one would be very hard).  And there are some that do that.

But in truth, while we do use the term "reverse discrimination", what we really mean, both in context and content, is just plain old discrimination. 

Now some would have us believe that some people are incapable of discrimination.  That their motives are always altruistic and pure, and that if we only follow the yellow brick road, all our problems will be fixed.  But the dirty little secret is that we all are guilty, to one degree or another, of discrimination in our lives.  Whether it be choosing a red rose over a white one, or, the more insidious type, a brown guy over a black one.  We can try to minimize it, but we cannot eliminate it.

And most people?  They do very well in minimizing it!  And should be congratulated for it.  But then there are some that think the color of their skin, the content of their creed, or the purity of their thought means they can practice discrimination with impunity.  And others back them up.

But what does not back them up is reality.  For the reality is that they are as low as the lowest when it comest to discrimination.  They may try to justify and excuse it, but then, doesn't everyone so guilty of it?  Just because you arise form the vanilla or chocolate side of the box of Neapolitan, does not make your guilt any less. So a black that decides he cannot discriminate just because of his color, is only different from an Aryan nation stooge in who they are discriminating against.  Not in the color of their crimes.

Put simply, there is no reverse discrimination.  There is only discrimination.  And no one gets a free pass based upon their history, creed, race or color.

A bigot is a bigot, the color does not matter.

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