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I once alleged that the environmental movement considered the human species to be a "cancer on the earth".  I was called out for that statement, yet I did not back down.  While, it was fully my opinion, it was based on observed actions, words and deeds of the environmental movement.  Turns out, I was wrong.  it was not my opinion, it is a fact.  Indeed, it is Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, that has so dubbed man, not only the "AIDS"  (equating man to a virus), but a cancer as well.

“Curing a body of cancer requires radical and invasive therapy, and therefore, curing the biosphere of the human virus will also require a radical and invasive approach,”

As you see, from his words, came my opinion - although at the time I had not read the man.  The debate on Anthropogenic Global Warming Global Climate Change Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Global Climate Disruption is not about any effect man may or may not have on the changing climate.  No, the proponents have already decided to get rid of man and turn the earth into a garden of Eden.  All ills of the planet are man's fault, and all cures are the eradication of Man.  They want to deprive you of energy (it produces CO2), food (animals produce methane), shelter (they retain heat and use energy), transportation, and clothing (again, it produces both CO2 and methane).  So in effect, they seek to remove all means of man's means of sustaining life.  They are not "anti-poor" as some think (since their policies would tax them out of existence), but simply anti-people.

The irony is that there are so many sheep walking about calling for their own demise - who are just not smart enough to realize they can help their masters with their own death.  For the end means they will be euthanized as well.  Yes, the climate changes, but as yet, no one has even provided any proof it is due to man (as the climate has been changing since the earth was formed).  Man makes his environment more conducive to his progeny, but the Climate Alarmist would have us undo this and simply eradicate man to fix something that has yet to be shown to be a problem.  You cannot throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, but it appears you sure can get man to march off cliffs like lemmings.

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on Aug 17, 2011

Dr Guy
The mistake is listening to a bunch of genocidal maniacs who sole purpose is the eradication of all life. if there is a cancer, it is them. for their thoughts and actions are malignant, and that is what a cancer is.

Yep, I think you nailed it and will appreciate the following from Phylis Schflay's, Eagle Forum. 

May 12, 2011
Have you wondered why your children lecture you about the environment and where they get their misinformation? The answer is critical to fulfilling your parental responsibility to rightly educate your children and to protect them from a cruel scheme.

You need look no further than the United Nations as the source of fanatic environmental views using labels like "sustainable development" and "global warming/climate change" in treaties and action plans that trickle down into every classroom and into every level of government — national, state and local.

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Under the guise of protecting the environment through "sustainable development," the UN is leading the world's regression to primitive reverence of the earth, even capitalizing the first letter of the word: Earth. This same earth-centeredness prevailed before Abram was called from the Ur of the Chaldees, until the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob proved His superiority over nature. Our Western Civilization is based upon this Judeo-Christian worldview that sets man apart from bugs and trees, and gives him the responsibility to care for the earth.

The proposed UN treaty to give rights to "Mother Earth" as well as other environmental treaties are fatally flawed because they equate God with nature, and aim to supplant God's directive to man to care for the earth with government dominion.

Earth-centered "sustainable development" was first introduced at the UN's 1987 "World Commission on Environment and Development," and carried forth in its 1992 "Earth Summit" that produced an action plan called "Agenda 21." "Sustainable development" is bad policy because it supplants liberty with a framework of rules and regulations that grant government dominion over the behavior of individuals, businesses and organizations.

In 1993, former President Bill Clinton's Executive Order created the President's Council on Sustainable Development that has rammed Agenda 21's radical environmental agenda into every classroom and every level of American government. Even though the PCSD sunset in 1999, government grants have kept it alive.

The following lyrics of "Earthlings Unite" are not educational, but an example of classroom abuse:

Round round round round 24-7 Round round round round 365
Round round round round 24-7 Round round round round 365
Earthlings Maybe we should look at what we're doing Yeah Yeah
Earthlings Maybe we should look at how we're livin' Yeah Yeah
Do we look ahead to see what's left behind
Or do we just go Round and Round, rotating and revolving
Earthlings Unite! Earthlings Unite! Yeah
Earthlings Unite! Let's make it right
Round round round round 24-7 Round round round round 365
Round round round round 24-7 Round round round round 365
Earthlings Maybe we should try to change our habits Yeah Yeah
Earthlings Maybe we should try to fix our planet Yeah Yeah
Do we feel the heat from everything we've done
Or do we just go round and round, rotating and revolving
Earthlings Unite! Earthlings Unite yeah!
Earthlings Unite! Let's make it right, yeah
Earthlings Unite
Earthlings Unite yeah
Earthlings Unite
Earthlings Unite Yeah yeah yeah
Round round round round 24-7 Round round round round 365
Round round round round 24-7 Round round round round 365

The UN's environmental drumbeat continues this week in New York City at the Commission on Sustainable Development's final "PrepCom" before the 2012 Earth Summit, also called Rio+20, because it comes 20 years after the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A Transitional Committee under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, one of three treaties produced by the 1992 Earth Summit along with Agenda 21, is designing a global taxing scheme for which the UN will seek approval later this year. The new Green Climate Fund would serve as a global Robin Hood to redistribute wealth from rich to poor nations under the guise of implementing "sustainable development."

To protect our children, we must educate ourselves about the UN's insidious agenda to subvert our children's faith in God by elevating its earth-centered zealotry that would grant the UN dominion over the earth.


on Aug 18, 2011

You need look no further than the United Nations

The IPCC is the mouthpiece of the UN in this matter.  And the graft, corruption, malfeasance and fraud by that committee is unending.

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