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Freedom of Speech Supression
Published on December 9, 2010 By Dr Guy In Politics

Wikileaks has been in the news of late and for obvious (unless you have been living in a cave) reasons.  While some (notably a blogger on JU) have lionized Julian Assange for exposing secret cables from and to US diplomats, the truth is Assange is just an immature brat that whines when he does not get his way and stamps his feet and throws hissy fits when those around him disagree with him.  In short, he is not a leaker, hero or noble victim.  He is a spoiled child that was never disciplined as he should have been.

Some organizations have decided that what he is doing (which again is not noble - he was GIVEN the documents and is using them to promote himself) is not really a good thing for business.  So they have shut off his accounts in order to protect their reputation from adults in the world (versus the children that appear to be Assange's only fans).  In retaliation, his juvenile supporters have decided to shut down those companies - falsely claiming they are defending free speech (no one has stopped Assange from publishing his material).  Ok, some (like a blogger on JU) may argue they are justified in order to support free speech (they are of the 2 wrongs make a right camp).  Besides, the companies are big enough to take care of themselves.  It is both an annoyance and an inconvenience to them, but hardly a mortal wound.

Nor is the wound to Sarah Palin mortal.  But it also reveals how juvenile the supporters of Wikileaks and Assange are.  For she has been targeted along with PayPal, Master Card and Visa for denial of service attacks.  And did she shut down Assange?  No.  Can she shut down Assange?  No.  Did she stop a apyment to Assange? No. So what is her crime?  Practicing her "freedom of speech". She does not like Assange nor what he is doing,  And she said so.  So in order to "show" their "support" for the principal of "freedom of Speech". the juvenile delinquents have shut down her site! They are supressing free speech.

Which shows they really do not care about freedom of speech in any case.  They are hypocrites.  Just like all liberals, they believe that freedom of speech is only valid when you agree with their juvenile rantings.  So they do not really care about freedom of speech.  Indeed, the only purpose Assange and his child brigade have is to silence the only country in the world that has true freedom of speech - so they can be the only ones that have that freedom.  Like all soiled and spoiled children, they are not even intelligent enough to see their own ignorance and hypocrisy.

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