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Published on May 1, 2010 By Dr Guy In Blogging

Friday was my latest appointment at Vampire Inc (actual name, VBS).  I flunked last Sunday (a local church) due to a high pulse (my doctor is not concerned, so neither am I).  My pulse Friday was an acceptable 81.  All other signs were right in the groove (except - I will talk about that later).

The pre-donation check went very well.  All signs good.  And everything was kopecetic.  But this was the first time I donated at this particular site.  I just started working on that side of town last fall, and of course, I had been giving at the local church.  And of course, they do love my blood type!

When I sat in the chair, there was already a lady in a second chair, and she was about to get stuck.  She was stuck, and then they started working on me.  Or I should say, Ms. Rolling Vein.  I should tell new readers that this is not my first blog on giving blood.  Being on JU for almost 6 years, it would be kind of ridiculous to not have done so before since I have given (officially to Vampire Inc) 113 pints and unofficially (since they lost lots of donations) over 150.  And while I do hate the needle, I am not allergic to them or faint when I get stuck.  IN fact, I have only "woosh-banged" once!  (Previously blogged).  So it is just a hatred of needles (I am a failed drug addict). But I digress.

Ms. Rolling Vein stuck me.  And I knew this was a screw up!  I am experienced.  She said the vein rolled.  Yea right!  Almost without exception, the phlebotomists love my veins!  Nice and big and easy to stick.  She just blew it.  Before she told me, I knew she had.  I am lucky in that it has only happened a hand full of times, but I kind of know when they are good, average and bad!  This one was bad.

So she started digging.  Any blood donors out there?  If so, you know what I mean when I say "digging".  She started to dance the needle around to find the vein she missed.  Apparently she finally found it (yea, see the bruise?  Why the bruise? ).

So my blood started to donate.  Then she turned her attention to my neighbor. A woman with a "stink face" expression.  Ever seen George Lopez?  if so, you know what I mean.  Anyway, this other lady was not happy, and her blood stopped flowing.  Why?  Ms. Rolling Vein had stuck her!  But she got her going again.

Now me.  I usually fill a bag in 5 minutes.  10 minutes later, Ms. Rolling Vein says I stopped.  She did all the stuff (except digging) to get it going again, but as I was about done, she accepted my donation (they do the tubes before the actual blood).  So they accepted it.

I do not know what this woman's problem was.  But being an expert on the subject matter, I know our problem was her!  And I just thank god I got a pint out because of her 'tude.  When I say I am an expert, I know when someone misses my vein.  Fortunately for me, it has been only a handful of times!  Out of 150?  Yes, I am fortunate.  Most of the time, you know they are going to miss it when I hear them say "your veins are so good, no one can miss them!"  And then they do!

So this is just a gripe about a phlebotomist that a tude.  I hope she gets over it.  She screwed up 2 pints (mine and the lady's).  But I think the people who need it got good blood regardless.  I know if I go there again, I am definitely not going to let her stick me!

And I know that a bad stick takes a lot out of you!  I was snoring by 10, and did not get up until 7!  Well, I guess that is the silver lining.  Old farts like me treasure a good night sleep!  I usually do not sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time, so yea, today I am perky!

let's see, 113 officially is 14 gallons and a pint.  I am shooting for that 200 number now!

on May 01, 2010

that is a high pulse.  I've been getting my bp taken lately because I'm starting to run high but my pulse is generally in the mid 50's with an occasional 60's.  Yesterday I had a pulse of 49 which was on the low side for me. 

I have never had blood drawn mostly because I used to be underweight and then after I got over that problem lack of opportunity I guess.  Since I've been here I've only noticed one time where there was a call for blood donations and I was in a hurry that day when I went by the big van sitting in the shopping center.  I'll have to ask around and see when and where they do that around here and donate some of my blood as well.  Hopefully my good veins will be put to good use and hopefully the digging will not be an issue. 

on May 01, 2010

Your pulse is your heart rate.  I am on medication for high BP (but that was almost too perfect at 101/63).  I figure the pulse is due to my other treatment - Niacin!  It is for Reynauds and more specifically, my cholesterol.  It is not bad, but my doc says it is the sticky kind.  When you get old enough, I will tell you about hot flashes!  I am taking 1000 mg of Niacin a day and that gives me them things!  Plus itching!  The itching is the worst.  But as Niacin is a B vitamin, it is OTC and not going to cause any other side effects (except the itching).

Your heart rate (pulse) can vary from 50 to 100 during a normal day depending upon your activity.  As you can see, mine is really fine (I know now not to eat a big breakfast before donating, but I do love those IHOP omeletes!).

If you do start donating, 2 things of advice:

1.  If they way you have "great veins, no one can miss them", ask for another phebolotimist!  They will miss them.

2.  If they start to talk about rolling veins, ask for a more experienced phlebotomist! 

But other than that, you just sit and let it drain.  And then get a call (robocall) saying how you saved a life.  I do not listen to them anymore, but it is always good to know. 

They asked me on the 100th donation why I do (they gave a list of reasons).  I looked over the reasons and none applied.  SO I responded simply because I can.  I may be a snarky, cynical old fart.  But at least my life will live on and do good for those more noble than me.

on May 01, 2010

Your heart rate (pulse) can vary from 50 to 100 during a normal day depending upon your activity.

my pulse is low because of my activity.  My husband's pulse is regularly in the 40's.  His heart muscle is very big.   It's a resting pulse as I take it first thing in the morning along with my BP.  Of course when I'm running it's going up pretty high but quickly goes down after exercise.   My BP has been running in the 140/90-97 range but then today it was 108/80 which I'm more comfortable with.  When I'm running more it stays down better.  I've been running only about 20 miles per week with this week going to be (after today) at least 25. 

Since I have heart disease in the family and I'm ever nearing the half century mark I have to watch things and may have to go to a doctor for the first time since I had my kids in my 20's.  I've been a picture perfect example of great health.  Hopefully I'm not doing too much damage right now on my heart with the rate going up like it is. 

Thanks for the advice.  I'll let you know when I get a chance to donate. 

on May 01, 2010

My BP has been running in the 140/90-97 range but then today it was 108/80 which I'm more comfortable with.

They hate the diastolic being over100 is considered bad (just not fatal).  My doc says below 80 is good.  Hey, what do I know?

Your systolic over 120 is pre-hypertension.  But again all these numbers are conservative.  In other words, they want to catch things before they get bad.  Mine (before treatment) was about 154/104.  So now I am normal (BP only, I am not normal otherwise).  Heart rate?  Yours is good because you run.  I hate exercise for the sake of exercise.  The more you do, the lower it will be in a rested state.

You know the worst thing about giving blood?  Learning about things that I have no interest in!  But such is life.

On a side note, my Iron was only 13.7 (I do not know what the scale means).  I do know that is not good for me.  Normally I am about 15.2, but it has been going down.  Last time it was 14.2.  SO I suspect I have another polyp.  Damn!  The last one caused me to get the Roter Rooter every 5 years, and I am 2 years from that!  Looks like I am going in for it sooner! (the last polyp was benign).

The absolute worst thing is not the Roter Rooter, but the stuff you have to take to clean yourself out!  Do not let your Iron decline!!!!!!  That flushing stuff is worse than anything else!

on May 02, 2010

Sounds like she needs to find another line of work. I am also easy to "stick" and if they miss it's because they screwed up.

I know what you mean about the "Roter Rooter", I've had two polyps removed in the past 20 years and it's never any fun.

on May 03, 2010

Sounds like she needs to find another line of work. I am also easy to "stick" and if they miss it's because they screwed up.

I know she will not stick me again!

I know what you mean about the "Roter Rooter", I've had two polyps removed in the past 20 years and it's never any fun.

The procedure is no big deal.  That fleet crap is the pits!


on May 03, 2010

Dr Guy

That fleet crap is the pits!



on May 03, 2010

Unfortunately, I have lots of experience with being in hospital, so I know what its like to catch an idiot who doesn't know how to start an IV or draw blood. Feeling your pain Doc.

on May 03, 2010

Feeling your pain Doc.

Pain shared is pain lessened?   Thanks

At least it has not been often.  I heard from a friend whose wife is an LVN, and she says there is no such thing as a rolling vein (he gives blood regularly as well).  It is just they miss it completely (which is what I figured).

I hope that lady learns to check her attitude outside, or she will not have a job for long.