Debate, and discuss, just dont Bore me.

Ah, our local loon to the south is at it again.  This time railing against Bush for not leading the troops into Iraq (Which would have made Bush loony tunes if he had followed that crazy rabbit down the rabbit hole).  Me thinks Louie Loony Hughie is gone off the deep end. 

When a country is in trouble, the quick fix for a despotic leader is to make up a foreign bug-a-boo (or an internal one that 'is not me").  Chavez seems to be in a lot of trouble if his demeanor is any indication.  For he is not doing anything but trying to portray the US as evil and out to get poor little Venezuela.  Which is probably the most laughable thing.  I am sure that a Krystal Nacht is the next thing he will try.  Hey it worked for a fellow loon in residence 70 years ago.

But the truth is, Bush does not like Chavez, but he is not going to help him subjugate his people either.  SO he is ignoring the loony Hugo.  And that is the right thing to do.

But it only makes Chavez that much more angry and rabid.  For indeed he has passed the stage of rational discourse and is not a stark raving mad idiot that even Castro laughs at.  So now we can all laugh at him since he has decided that the best way to prove you are an idiot is to open your mouth and demonstrate it.

bduh, bduh, bduh Th-th-th-ats all Hugo.

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