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I had to post this as it made me laugh.

I was surfing some restaurant reviews for my mother's birthday (she lives 800 miles from me, so a night out is what she wants these days), and happened upon a nice restaurant (great reviews).  I clicked on the site (in IE, I usually am running 3 or 4 browsers at once) and got a pop up message -

"It looks like you are using Internet Explorer.  To view our site correctly, please update to a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox"

I busted out laughing because I remember in the early aughts when they were telling you to use IE!  Now, because of malware I guess, no one wants you using it!

LOL!  I guess my IE9 is not modern enough.

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on Jul 29, 2012

When visiting the link with IE9, if you click on the OK button, the page loads fine with no prompt to download a compatible browser. Go figure!

on Jul 31, 2012

Well, Doc...looks like you found a way to get a lot of "help"....heeeheeeheeeee

on Jul 31, 2012

Hmmm, IE is no longer modern and Moses wants it back.

Orright, then, I suppose it's as good as any other way to get the 10 commandments out there with an updated font.

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