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Published on September 6, 2006 By Dr Guy In Misc

Give me a head of hair, long beautiful hair, shinin', gleamin', steamin', flaxin', waxin'. give me down to there hair, sholder length or longer, here baby, there mama, everywhere.....

Acknowledgement to Treat Williams.

What is it about Hair.  Half the guys I know are bald, or very short cut.  And we like it that way (and yes, count me as one - it is cooler).  Yet on a woman, even one that may not be pretty at first glance, long hair is sexy, provacative, cute, and just idolized.  By the short haired apes that descended from the trees!

I am sorry.  I have tried to like short hair, and it is ok on a women.  But I have failed!  I am a hair addict!  Hi, my name is Guy, and I love long hair!  On women (on men?  Sorry Mason, you are not my type!).  Bobs are ok.  Curls are ok.  Long hair (aka like Crystal Gale) are a WOW WOW!.

I know we each have our likes and dislikes, but Demi Moore in GI Jane was about as sexy as a used dishtowel!

I have seen some plain women, who when they let their hair down (literally, not figuratively), were very sexy!

And yea, when Lifehappens cut hers, I mourned!  I even sent flowers to the graveyard!

Personally, I like Legs!  I think a lady with legs has a head start (and then the other stuff as well).  But a clean cropped lady?  Even the legs do not catch my eye!

I am hopeless!  I like hair.  It does not make the lady.  But it does create the starting point.  Yea, I am prejudice!  Against shorn ladies.

Oh, they are fine, but they dont stir my blood.  Just friends.

Hello, I am a male chauvinist pig!  My name is Guy.  And I like hair.

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on Sep 13, 2006
I don't really have a preference as far as hair goes. I don't mind lovely long locks, but then I don't mind really short hair either. My wife, who has long naturally curly hair, has said she wants to take it all off soon. If it means less hassle for her, then I'm happy.

As for legs, well I absolutely require my ladies to have 'em and the longer, the better...
on Sep 14, 2006

As for legs, well I absolutely require my ladies to have 'em and the longer, the better...

Ok, Someone took their funny pills today!

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